Problem: Sidekick LED turns off after a few minutes.

What to do if your sidekick LED turns off

This is normal behavior. The Sidekick LED will turn off after several minutes to save battery life, but it is still connected to the tablet (for 4 hours). To check if the Sidekick is still on and connected, try either of the following:

  • Power Sidekick off/on (easiest) – Simply try turning the Sidekick off and on again. When it reconnects the LED will turn solid green for a few minutes.
  • Check Sidekick status in React Mobile app. You can also see the Sidekick status in the React Mobile app. 
    • Open the app again and on the Home screen the Sidekick status will be displayed.
      • If the Sidekick is on you will see MANAGE SIDEKICK
      • If the Sidekick is off you will see PAIR SIDEKICK DEVICE

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