Problem: Sidekick does not connect to mobile device

What to do if your sidekick won't connect to your mobile device (LED does not turn solid green).

Potential Causes

  • React Mobile app is not running. The React Mobile app must be running for the Sidekick to work. Try opening the React Mobile app and then powering the Sidekick again.
  • Using the incorrect Sidekick. Sidekicks must be used with the matching tablet. Be sure the number labeled on the tablet and Sidekick match.
  • Sidekick cannot pair via Bluetooth to the tablet. Bluetooth may be disabled on the mobile device. Try the following:
    • On the device, go to Settings -> Bluetooth
    • Turn Bluetooth off and on, then try to connect the Sidekick again
  • The tablet has lost connection information to the Sidekick. You will need to re-pair the Sidekick to the device. Try the following:
    • Be sure to perform these steps in a different room from other devices to avoid incorrect pairing
    • In the React Mobile app press PAIR SIDEKICK DEVICE
    • At the same time, turn on the Sidekick so the LED is blinking green (pairing mode)
    • The Sidekick should pair with the tablet (LED turns solid green) and the app should now show the status as “Paired”