Daily Use Instructions and Troubleshooting

This article outlines the steps for using the React Mobile safety solution on a day-to-day basis.

Room Staff

It is simple for room staff to incorporate the React Mobile safety solution into their daily work. At the start of a shift, employees should be allocated a mobile device and the corresponding Sidekick. Before they begin, perform the following steps:

1. Start the React Mobile application by pressing the application icon on the home screen of your device. Once the app is started you can go back to the home screen. IMPORTANT: Do not close the app! It must be running in the background.

Hospitality App Icon

2. Turn on the Sidekick by pressing and holding the side button for 3-5 seconds.The Sidekick will begin to blink green as it searches for the mobile device. After a few seconds it should turn solid green, which indicates it is paired and ready to use.That’s it!

Sidekick power button

Sidekick Green Light

Requesting Emergency Help

If an employee needs emergency help, they can send an SOS Alert simply by pressing the panic button on the Sidekick. The LED will turn solid red indicating an SOS Alert has been sent.

Canceling an SOS Alert
If an SOS is accidentally triggered, it can be canceled in the React Mobile app.

  1. Open the React Mobile app
  2. On the screen, touch and hold the red SOS circle and drag it to the green “I’m Fine” circle

The LED will change from red to green when the SOS is canceled. Note: An SOS cannot be canceled via the Sidekick, only through the app.

Important Information

  • The Sidekick will automatically turn off after 4 hours. Be sure it is on throughout the day. Typically, an employee can turn the Sidekick off and on during a lunch break.
  • Be sure to keep the Sidekick within 30-90 feet of the mobile device. If the Sidekick moves out of Bluetooth range, it will lose the connection and after a short retry period, automatically turn off. You will need to move closer to the device and turn the Sidekick back on to re-connect.


Problem: Sidekick does not turn on

Potential Causes

  • Not pressing the power button correctly. Be sure to press and hold the side button firmly for at least 5 seconds.
  • Dead battery. Try replacing the Sidekick battery. The Sidekick uses a standard CR2032 watch battery and should last 6-12 months with normal usage. To replace the battery, on the back of the Sidekick, unscrew the holding screw with an eyeglass screwdriver, then replace the battery. Reattach the screw and attempt to power the Sidekick again.

Problem: Sidekick does not connect to smart device (LED does not turn solid green)

Potential Causes

  • React Mobile Hospitality app is not running. The React Mobile Hospitality app must be running for the Sidekick to work. Try opening the React Mobile app and then powering the Sidekick again.
  • Using the incorrect Sidekick. Sidekicks must be used with the matching tablet. Be sure the number labeled on the tablet and Sidekick match.
  • Sidekick cannot pair via Bluetooth to the smart device. Bluetooth may be disabled on the mobile device. Try the following:
    • On the device, go to Settings -> Bluetooth
    • Turn Bluetooth off and on, then try to connect the Sidekick again
  • The device has lost connection information to the Sidekick. You will need to re-pair the Sidekick to the device. Try the following:
    • Be sure to perform these steps in a different room from other devices to avoid incorrect pairing
    • In the React Mobile Hospitality app, press PAIR SIDEKICK BUTTON
    • At the same time, turn on the Sidekick so the LED is blinking green (pairing mode)
    • The Sidekick should pair with the tablet (LED turns solid green) and the app should now show the status as “MANAGE SIDEKICK”

Problem: Sidekick LED turns off after a few minutes

This is normal behavior. The Sidekick LED will turn off after several minutes to save battery life, but it is still connected to the tablet (for 4 hours). To check if the Sidekick is still on and connected, try either of the following:

  1. Power Sidekick off/on (easiest) – Simply try turning the Sidekick off and on again. When it reconnects, the LED will turn solid green for a few minutes.
  2. Check Sidekick status in React Mobile Hospitality app. You can also see the Sidekick status in the React Mobile app. 
    1. Open the app again and on the Home screen the Sidekick status will be displayed.
      1. If the Sidekick is on you will see SIDEKICK PAIRED!
      2. If the Sidekick is off you will see a blue box and “PAIR SIDEKICK BUTTON” in t

Paired / ON

Hospitality App Paired On

Unpaired / Off

Hospitality App Unpaired Off

If you require additional support, please visit our support page or contact us at support@reactmobile.com.

Thank you for choosing React Mobile for your safety needs!