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Installing the Dispatch Center Software

The React Mobile dispatch center software is simple to download and install for both Apple and Windows computers.

At least one manager or security employee must have the React Mobile Dispatch Center (DC) installed to configure your hotel’s contact information. It is not necessary for every manager to have the dispatch center software installed. The software is compatible will all 64 bit operating systems on Apple, Windows or Linux computers.

Installing the Dispatch Center

  • In a web browser, go to
    • Use the following log in credentials to access the download:
      • User name: react
      • Password: S@fetyF1rst
  • Browse through Dispatch Center -> product -> current -> en
  • Select the OS of your desktop computer (PC 32/64 bit or Mac)
  • Download and install the application

You can also view our Integration Guide PDF and Walkthrough video

Your IT or security contact should have received the admin account information for your hotel’s dispatch center.  If you do not have this information, please contact React Mobile customer support to receive it.